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re-entering the 36th chamber

now didumake thi, or did the rza? haha, jk. dankness all around bre, well done

GunstarGreene responds:

What can I say? Wu Tang clan ain't nothin to fuck with.


wo doesn't like kasey kasum haha. in all seriousness, well mastered ad delivered my good sir

well, great...

now i need to re-gather my mind off the back wall, cuz its blown all over the room. but on the flip side, it was refrshing to hear someting that ra WOMP WOMP GROWL GROWL it out

mr-jazzman responds:

Haha thanks man! Glad I splattered your brains out! >:D

Dd some one say WOMPPPP!!!!!

haevy stuff, really does sund legit. keep it up, and don' t be intimidated by others. the quality is there bre


mature for sure on a higher stature, ya dig

Kamikazi1 responds:

I can dig it brotha i can dig it

he does it again

idk where you pull some of these smples from but DAMN, thats tight. nuff said.

Salsa status

very mellow. the layers fit well togther. i'd try some different voices or instruments for a lil moreauthenticity, gut melodically and rhythmically sounds great.

GranPian responds:

this was to just kind of a play around type deal. I think later on ill fuck with it and try some orgasm sounds.

can u say oldskool???

the beat and flow feel so different than this genre, but irrespective of that, dankness all the way around.

RemixF2D responds:

haha many thanks Fidge yea I wanted to be very diff and go oldskool with this jam kinda take it back to the early 90's I know I prolly shoulda posted it hip hop old school but all my other tracks are here so i didnt wanna separate them ya know thanks for the vote and review keep it real playa



id clean up a few spots, and very up the kick so its not too repetitive. but other than that, this $#!x bumps!

Garubbavision responds:

Thank you for the review, I will be adding new things to the beginning to add variety and to make it less repetitive. Again, thanks!

Bada bing!

simply elegant. the effort, it shows. the craftsmanship is obvious. one must aknowledge smething grea once tey see it, so as they say in avater " i see you"

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